NAS North Island, CA - Gate Hours, Map and Status

    There are three gates at NAS North Island, which is a part of the larger Naval Base Coronado. The Naval Air Station is located at the north end of the Coronado Penninsula off the coast of San Diego, CA. The Main Stockdale Gate is open 24 hours. Ocean Blvd Gate is open 0500-0700 to Inbound traffic only, and then to both In & Outbound traffic from 0700-1700. The Carrier (Commercial) Gate hours are 0500-1700, M-F.
    Stockdale (3rd St) Gate - Main Gate
    Gate Operation Information: 24/7
    Ocean Blvd Gate
    Gate Operation Information: Mon-Fri: 0500-0700 Inbound Only / 0700-1700 In & Out 
    Carrier (1st St) Gate
    Gate Operation Information: Mon-Fri: 0500-1700